Partner Program for Nimble Resellers

  • Nimble CRM and 366 Degrees offer our clients a unique combination of marketing and sales unification that our customers could not have achieved without huge licensing and implementation costs with other competitive solution sets.

  • Partner Revenue Share

    Grow your Nimble base and share 366 Degrees subscription revenue. Partners receive 40% of customer subscription revenue for life of client.

  • Free Partner Subscription

    All Nimble 366 Degrees Partners receive a free 366 Degrees site for own use. Leverage 366 Degrees to grow your Nimble Partnership.

  • Increase Professional Services

    Leverage 366 Degrees with Nimble customers to grow additional services revenue including marketing, social media and content delivery for sales outreach campaigns.


Contact information is solely used to communicate information related to the 366 Degrees Partner Program.

The Engagement Platform for Sales and Marketing

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